Menu Management

Control your menu with ease

Run your business more efficiently with our Multi Menu System. Add categories, items, and add-ons; set a happy hour date for some items or the entire menu, and mark items as out of stock. Use the built-in marketing tools to customize your menu to promote daily specials, upcoming events, operating hours, delivery information and more!.

  • Define Unlimited Menus
  • Categories and Items
  • Assign add-ons to menu items
  • Normal Price, Taxed Price and Promotion Price
  • Promotion from date to date
  • Happy Hours Promotions
  • Meat Origin for each item
  • Costing Policy for each item
  • Fixed Cost Policy
  • Linked to Recipe Costing
  • Linked to Raw Item Costing
  • Out-of-Stock indicator
  • Dine-in Only indicator
  • Nutrition Values for each item
  • Change default menu on the fly
  • Arabic / English Item Names
  • Digital TV Signage integration
  • Menu on Tablet, iPad and QR Code
  • Item Description & Allergy Signs
  • Item Image and Short Video
  • Selective Tax Percentage