• Jasmine Restaurant Management System Menu Management

    Control your menu with ease

    Menu Management

Jasmine Menu Management

Run your business more efficiently with our Multi Menu System. Add categories, items, and add-ons; set a happy hour date for some items or the entire menu, and mark items as out of stock. Use the built-in marketing tools to customize your menu to promote daily specials, upcoming events, operating hours, delivery information and more!.

  • Define Unlimited Menus
  • Categories and Items
  • Assign add-ons to menu items
  • Normal Price, Taxed Price and Promotion Price
  • Promotion from date to date
  • Happy Hours Promotions
  • Meat Origin for each item
  • Costing Policy for each item
  • Fixed Cost Policy
  • Linked to Recipe Costing
  • Linked to Raw Item Costing
  • Out-of-Stock indicator
  • Dine-in Only indicator
  • Nutrition Values for each item
  • Change default menu on the fly
  • Arabic / English Item Names
  • Digital TV Signage integration
  • Menu on Tablet, iPad and QR Code
  • Item Description & Allergy Signs
  • Item Image and Short Video
  • Selective Tax Percentage