Raw Items, Suppliers & Purchasing Orders

Jasmine purchasing management module provides you with the tools to create purchasing orders and send them to your suppliers in an easy and organized manar.
You can define the raw items and ingrediants from the Raw Items management screen and use them in your purchasing orders, bills, recipes, and stores activities.

  • Define raw items and ingredients.hot
  • Assign default supplier to each raw item.
  • Organize raw items into categories.
  • Create purchasing orders in three easy steps.
  • Save purchasing orders as PDF files.
  • Print purchasing orders with logo and header
  • Use purchasing orders to create supplier bill hot
  • Use purchasing orders to create receiving vouchers.
  • Explore the raw item in/out movements
  • Monitor the raw item balance for easy re-order process.
  • Check the Min, Max, and Avg prices for raw items