Kitchen Tablet

Touch Screen

The Kitchen Orders Tablet not only provides staff the ability to see the incoming orders on a wide-screen, it also allows staff to mark order items as served. In addition, the screen will mark any late order with a distinguished color, allowing chef or manager to know which order is running behind without leaving their station.

  • Works with any Android tablet
  • Large font to make reading easier
  • Kitchen Station / Packaging Station
  • Shows all orders at the same time
  • 10" Touch Screen
  • Alert for delayed orders
  • Update by simple touch on the screen
  • Sound alerts for new orders
  • Black and White colors for ease-of-use
  • Automatic update every 10 seconds
  • Dine-in orders with section and table number
  • Takeaway orders with customer name
  • Direct delivery orders with customer name
  • Delivery companies orders with reference number
  • Splits order into kitchen stations
  • Wall or Table Mount
  • Cooks can mark items as served
  • Cooks can mark total order as served
  • Order level notes
  • Item add-ons and remarks
  • Served items shown in green

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