Jasmine Restaurant Management System

An intuitive and powerful Restaurant Management System (RMS) for Restaurants, Café's and Kiosks. Jasmine RMS has everything you need to run your business. From Cashier POS Terminal to Recipe Management, Inventory Management, Accounting Management and more. Jasmine is designed to be easy to use, flexible so you can adapt it to your needs and scalable as your business grows.

Jasmine Restaurant Management System

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All what you need to run your restaurant and cafe business.


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Works for small kiosks to multi-outlets chain restaurants.


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Choose the modules that fit your business size.


All in One Restaurant Management System

Software that makes running a restaurant easy for everyone, from the front-of-house to back-of-house.
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Jasmine Restaurant Management System Point of Sale - POS

Point of Sale - POS

Jasmine POS module has features to handle dine-in orders, takeaway and delivery orders from any delivery company. Sales reports include split payment by each customer, complimentary items and order numbers. It allows employee administration for supervisors to set up employees and required passwords for void/reopen.

Waiter Pad

The Waiter Pad is designed to free up waiters during their shift so they can concentrate on customer service. The Waiter Pad is an essential tool for waiters who struggle with taking down orders, delivering the right dishes, and calculating the correct total. It makes the job easier and reduces errors by up to 90 percent.

Jasmine Restaurant Management System Waiter Pad

Jasmine Restaurant Management System Real Time Alerts

Real Time Alerts

A mobile app for owners and manager. Get notified of critical events right away. Receive alerts about customer orders, voids, refunds and more – all in real time. Forget unreliable check-in systems, complicated alerts, or stacks of paper. Our app is designed to be dead simple and super reliable – your staff will love it. Notifications are clear, actionable and under your control.

Daily Manager Report

If you are a restaurant owner or manager, you want to know how your business is doing every day. The Daily manager report provides useful information to make decisions and take action so that tomorrow is a better day than today. Daily Manager Report is designed to help restaurant owners and top management keep a check on the daily sales, costs and expenses.

Jasmine Restaurant Management System Daily Manager Report

Jasmine Restaurant Management System Menu Management

Menu Management

Run your business more efficiently with our Multi Menu System. Add categories, items, and add-ons; set a happy hour date for some items or the entire menu, and mark items as out of stock. Use the built-in marketing tools to customize your menu to promote daily specials, upcoming events, operating hours, delivery information and more!.

Kitchen Printing

The kitchen order printing server is designed to receive orders from waiters and split them according to kitchen stations. The new smart kitchen order printing server cuts down on the time taken to split orders and serves as a new way to communicate with your staff.

Jasmine Restaurant Management System Kitchen Printing

Jasmine Restaurant Management System Kitchen Data Screen - KDS

Kitchen Data Screen - KDS

The Kitchen Data Screen (KDS) replaces the traditional kitchen printer and can turn any normal TV screen into kitchen terminal. With this Android app all incoming orders from POS or Waiter Pads can be displayed in seconds onto the wide-screen. It also will mark served order items by their distinct color on screen. Making viewing faster and more efficient.

Kitchen Tablet

The Kitchen Orders Tablet not only provides staff the ability to see the incoming orders on a wide-screen, it also allows staff to mark order items as served. In addition, the screen will mark any late order with a distinguished color, allowing chef or manager to know which order is running behind without leaving their station.

Jasmine Restaurant Management System Kitchen Tablet

Jasmine Restaurant Management System Recipe Management

Recipe Management

Using Jasmine recipe management module, chefs can control and manage recipe cost, plating and batch recipes cost, design recipe with ease and comfort. The recipe management system linked to average prices of ingredients help you stay in control of your restaurant cost.

Inventory Management

Jasmine inventory management controls your stock with ease. Oversee the entire process of receiving goods and merchandise from suppliers, transferring them between stores and recording usage. The Inventory management system is fully integrated with the POS system to streamline the process of ordering inventory for your businesses.

Jasmine Restaurant Management System Inventory Management

Jasmine Restaurant Management System Accounting Management

Accounting Management

The accounting module of Jasmine Restaurant Management System is one of the most powerful features, allowing you to fully customize your chart of accounts and compile financial statements at any time. The system is fully integrated with the POS and inventory modules to give you a better understanding of the business numbers related to each item.