• Jasmine Restaurant Management System Enterprise Administration

    Multi-Company, Multi-Branch

    Enterprise Administration

Jasmine Enterprise Administration

The Enterprise Administration module will be the central nerve system of your multi-outlet business, allowing control of menus, categories and items for all outlets. It also allows for definition and setting of roles and authorities for all types of users ranging from managers to waiters.

  • Multi-Company Administration hot
  • On Cloud Servers
  • Users Definition & Authorities
  • Menus Definition & Defaults
  • Menu Items, Categories and Add-ons
  • Promotions & Discounts
  • Drivers Definition & Management
  • Sales Receipt Design & Messages
  • Multi-Branch Administration hot
  • Access data from anywhere anytime
  • Stores Definition & Management
  • Accounting General Settings
  • Delivery Companies Management
  • Dine-in sections and tables management
  • Kitchen Stations and Printers
  • Voiding and reopen reasons